Reel-to-Reel Audio Transfer

AVP Media Reel-to-Reel Audio Transfer

AVP Media Transfers 1/4″ Reel-to-Reel Audio to  Digital Audio on Flash Drive, SD Card, or Hard Drive or Compact Disk (CD).
Audio Quality is improved  when possible using special audio software.
1/4″ Reel-to-Reel Audio is transfer: $15 per hour of audio transferred.
Flash Drive and Hard Drive price is not included, and varies with size.
Or You can provide your own Media Device!
Call John at 503-777-1203 to discuss the storage requirements, based on how much audio you have to transfer.
A  7 inch dia. Reel will can hold up to 3 hours of audio.

AVP Media is a home-based business located at:Reel-to-Reel Audio Transfer
5507 SE Holgate Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Business Hours :
9-5, Monday-Friday.
After hours by appointment.
Walk-ins are welcome, and I’m ALMOST always here during business hours. Calling first is always a good idea to make sure I’m here.
I would not want to miss your visit!
Phone: 503-777-1203
Calling is best for a quick response!

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